Gig-powered Wi-Fi & live streaming TV. Instantly accessible. Property-wide. Always secure.

DISH Fiber Referral Program

Refer & earn cash today. 

The DISH Fiber Referral Program lets you earn up to $50 per apartment unit while helping multifamily property owners increase revenue and amaze their residents. Everyone wins!

Contact us today to learn more.

3 Easy Steps to Refer & Earn:

1. Identify a qualified opportunity.

Interested properties must have at least 60 units and be able to contract within 180 days.

2. Submit referral.

Submit referral information through our online portal. We’ll take it from there and keep you updated on our progress.

3. Collect your referral incentive.

Earn up to $50 per unit when the property activates, no limit to the incentive amount.

Join the program and get started today.

1. What are you asking me to do?

Join the DISH Fiber referral program and earn incentives. To do so, ask your apartment building owners/managers if they would be willing to discuss property-wide Wi-Fi service with DISH Fiber. Then visit our referral portal to submit your lead.

2. Where is DISH Fiber available?

DISH Fiber can be delivered throughout the continental United States.

3. What properties are eligible for referrals?

  • Properties with a minimum of 60 units
  • Properties with a confirmed interest in exploring internet provider options
  • Customer cannot be actively engaged in discussions with DISH Fiber
  • Property must be located within the continental United States

4. How much can I earn from a DISH Fiber referral?

DISH Fiber incentives are based on the size of the property and broken out into the following tiers:
  • 60-99 units: $40/door
  • 100-199 units: $45/door
  • 200+ units: $50/door

For example: 60 units pays $2,400, 200 units pays $10,000, 500 units pays $25,000.

5. How do I sign up for the program?

  1. Contact the Referral Program administrator at
  2. Complete the Referral Agreement provided by the administrator.
  3. Receive a Referral Program account number from DISH.

6. What happens once I submit a referral to DISH Fiber?

Once you submit a lead through the referral portal, a Sales rep will contact you (the referring party). The Sales rep will then provide routine reporting on the status of all referrals and ensure on-time, accurate payments to the referral party.

7. When do I get paid?

Incentives for eligible properties that execute a DISH Fiber contract are based on the size of the referred property. Twenty-five percent (25%) will be paid when the property executes an agreement for DISH Fiber services and the other 75% will be paid when the services have been activated.

8. Where can I learn more about DISH Fiber?

DISH Fiber is promoted actively through industry publications, events and more. Here are some materials you can use with your referrals. Please contact if you have a specific request.

9. Is it satellite internet?

No, our gig-powered internet is delivered terrestrially or via point to point.